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News | Yves Peters | November 14, 2012

Peter Biľak, the founder of Typotheque (and former editor of Dot Dot Dot magazine) is starting a new design magazine, if he manages to raise sufficient funds by the end of the week!

The magazine, Works That Work, is a design magazine with no portfolio presentations, ‘just pure inspiration from the real world’. It will showcase examples of unexpected creativity from around the globe, like the legendary urinals at the Amsterdam airport which reduce cleaning costs by up to 85 percent, or a documentary about how reducing traffic signs actually improves road safety. Says Biľak:

One of the ideas of the magazine is to demonstrate that creativity is not the exclusive domain of artists or designers but that we are surrounded by creativity in daily life.

Works That Work, intends to be published twice a year, and you can help to make it happen by pledging €8 for the digital edition, €16 for the print copy, or €20 for both. When I learned about it on Facebook I immediately backed it. I trust anything Peter Biľak does, because the quality is consistently excellent, and the heart is always in there. Do it, now. I guarantee you won’t regret it. : )

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  1. How do I pledge in order to get Peter’s ‘Works That Work’ going?
    All for it!

    Posted by Niko Spelbrink on Nov. 15, 2012
  2. Niko, just go to and choose of the options. A couple of hours left.

    Posted by Peter Bilak on Nov. 15, 2012

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