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Fonts in Use | Yves Peters | February 8, 2013

To avoid clogging up the original Valentype post this separate dedicated gallery will showcase all the submissions. New entries will gradually be added in chronological order as they come in, so bookmark this post and come back often. Feel free to comment on the love declarations, but please remember to remain courteous at all times.

February 8

Bernina – A tribute

Remember Audrey Hepburn, when she played Sabrina?
Did you listen to the songs, by that one diva Tina?
My Valentype is a typeface – A type named Bernina.

1 | David Hubner (Hellmonsödt, Austria) loves JAF Bernina Sans (Compressed)

2 | Arno Kathollnig (Villach, Austria) loves FF Sheriff

3 | Pippa Dawson (Hackney, UK) loves Effra

4 | Emmet Farrell (Co. na Gaillimhe, Ireland) loves Aktiv Grotesk

5 | Guido Groeneveld (Barcelona, Spain) loves Maple

6 | Guido Groeneveld (Barcelona, Spain) loves FF Tisa Sans

Smeijers’s Quadraat is a beauty from a to z;
she makes me want to write exclusively in pangrams!

7 | Craig Eliason (Saint Paul, MN, USA) loves FF Quadraat

8 | Léa Fabreguettes (Angoulême, France) loves Alda

Those that say first love is blind
at best, must be
insipid tim’rous fools.

One glance upon your well proportion’d lines,
my heart was drawn
by your magnetic pull.

You fill my mind, no matter where I go
your face appears,
Oh Dax I love you so!

And yet I fear…


Days pass by, months stretch to years,
I wait alone
for smallest love returned.

Am I the fool to shed my ready tears,
about a love
so likely to be spurned?

My heart is fixed. In faithful tender tone,
I will be blind
to Serif and Didone.

Oh Dax, be mine?


Life would be a different place
with you, my love,
to aid in each design.

Your worthy form could lay a page with grace,
your words, I know
would better any line.

Twas meant to be – my heart is sure of this,
for Cupid’s bow
has spoken not amiss…

… Dax, Romeo.

9 | Samalah Gray (Marlborough, New Zealand) loves FF Dax

10 | Colleen Tracey (San Francisco, CA, USA) loves Asphalt

February 9

11 | Carina Marano (Long Beach, CA, USA) loves Lust

February 10

12 | Arno Kathollnig (Villach, Austria) loves Cowboyslang

13 | Gerhard Großmann (Regensburg, Germany) loves Fedra Serif A

I see you and feel your strength
Rooted firmly on the ground, you grow
You are also soft
Where you meet others you are gentle
Curling upon yourself again for strength
You caress and you relax
You are present but not loud
Heard with a friendly voice
You are Ernestine

14 | Carina Marano (Long Beach, CA, USA) loves FF Ernestine

February 11

15 | Arno Kathollnig (Villach, Austria) loves Fan Script

16 | Gerhard Großmann (Regensburg, Germany) loves Auto 2

17 | Ruben David Marques (Leiria, Portugal) loves Skolar

18 | William Van Hecke (Lynnwood, WA) loves Brevia

February 12

19 | Peter Jakubek (Dornbirn, Austria) loves Ingeborg

20 | Florian Wittig (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) loves Fakir

21 | Gerhard Großmann (Regensburg, Germany) loves JAF Bernina Sans

22 | Oliver Petersen (Mainz, Germany) loves Adelle

23 | Nick Shinn loves (his own) Bodoni Egyptian
The FontFeed approves of auto-eroticism

24 | Ruben David Marques (Leiria, Portugal) loves Fedra Serif A

25 | Ruben David Marques (Leiria, Portugal) loves FF Quadraat

26 | Mayene De Leon (San Francisco, CA, USA) loves Braga

27 | Mayene De Leon (San Francisco, CA, USA) still loves Bree

28 | Mayene De Leon (San Francisco, CA, USA) loves Candy Script

February 13

29 | Sebastian Losch (Reading, UK) loves Satyr

30 | Zita Major loves (Reykjavik, Iceand) Olicana

31 | Frode Helland (Birkeland, Norway) loves Nitti

32 | Claudia Kipp (Fehmarn, Germany) loves Expansion N41

33 | Tugce Demirag (Istanbul, Turkey) loves Leitura

34 | Tugce Demirag (Istanbul, Turkey) loves Bree

35 | Tugce Demirag (Istanbul, Turkey) loves Museo Sans

36 | Eva-Lotta Lamm (London, UK) loves Fakir

37 | Emmi Laakso (Brooklyn, NY, USA) loves Matrix II Script

38 | Emmi Laakso (Brooklyn, NY, USA) loves Fairplex Wide

39 | Aaron Thesing (Cannon Falls, MN, USA) loves Paradigm

40 | Aaron Thesing (Cannon Falls, MN, USA) loves Telefon

41 | Aaron Thesing (Cannon Falls, MN, USA) loves Elena

February 14

42 | Cristo Aleister (Madrid, Spain) loves Priori Acute

43 | David Cígler (Cernosice, Czechia) loves FF DIN

44 | Guido Groeneveld (Barcelona, Spain) loves ITC Anima

45 | David Cígler (Cernosice, Czechia) loves Perla

46 | Eva-Lotta Lamm (London, UK) loves La Portenia

47 | David Cígler (Cernosice, Czechia) loves Supria Sans

48 | Eric Doctor (Marietta, GA, USA) loves Trio Grotesk

49 | Bram Meehan (Santa Fe, NM, USA) loves Mr Eaves

50 | Laura Yates (Paris, France) loves Fedra Serif B

51 | Viktoriya Grabowska (Suchy Las, Poland) loves Fakir

52 | Florian Fecher (Würzburg, Germany) loves Vinter

53 | Viktoriya Grabowska (Suchy Las, Poland) loves Auto

54 | Florian Wittig (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) loves Skolar

55 | Florian Wittig (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) loves Ingeborg

56 | Zita Major (Reykjavík, Iceland) loves FF Sheriff

57 | Zita Major (Reykjavík, Iceland) loves Calluna

58 | Graham van de Ruit (Harare, Zimbabwe) loves Skolar

59 | David Wolske (Salt Lake City, UT, USA) loves Amalia

60 | David Wolske (Salt Lake City, UT, USA) loves Fayon

61 | David Wolske (Salt Lake City, UT, USA) loves Parry

Header: Ambicase Fatface by Teeline Fonts

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  1. Mayene’s “Bree Mine” is the most clever concept (excepting maybe Craig’s FF Quadraat pangram). It’s only hampered by the typographic execution.

    Posted by Stephen Coles on Feb. 8, 2013
  2. Mayene’s “Bree Mine” looks very strikingly reminiscent of my entry in last years contest.

    Posted by Chris Lozos on Feb. 11, 2013
  3. Contestants would indeed be well advised to try and avoid submitting designs that look similar to the ones in previous editions. Some puns can only be used once. ; )

    Posted by Yves Peters on Feb. 12, 2013
  4. “No results found for Skolar…” that what the plugin unfortunately says.

    Posted by Assia on Feb. 12, 2013
  5. Not all foundries have made their fonts available for the FontShop Plugin. Can’t be helped…

    Posted by Yves Peters on Feb. 12, 2013
  6. Sorry, Yves and Chris! I didn’t breeze through previous entries, because I had cheese and fonts on my mind and did that quite quickly before I had to leave work. I actually bought Brie that night, haha!

    I’ll try and come up with something else (for another font) before the contest is up. :)

    Posted by Mayene on Feb. 12, 2013
  7. Sorry Assia. You do not have to use the font itself. Right? In fact, I think it is much better if you do not.

    Posted by David Březina on Feb. 13, 2013
  8. I am very happy to announce that I have more than enough entries in my inbox to validate the contest. I am having very dear friends over for dinner right now, so please give me a little while to add them to the gallery. Thank you everyone for participating!

    Posted by Yves Peters on Feb. 14, 2013
  9. Why do so many entries above display in substitute fonts (rather than the ones they *love*)? I see this both in Firefox and Safari. This makes it very hard to judge…

    Posted by Corina on Feb. 15, 2013
  10. Dear Florian: All three submissions are stunning! – Outstandingly beautiful and unique! … nothing more to add!!!

    Dear Eva-Lotta: Strikingly beautiful lettering! … just to avoid to use the same attributes!!!

    … huge compliments for all other submissions!!!

    Posted by Arno Kathollnig on Feb. 15, 2013
  11. @Corina The contest rules clearly say: “You can use any typeface to design your love declaration.” This is not a gallery of fonts in use. Furthermore, it makes little sense to design a love declaration for a typeface using the actual fonts, because that would imply that you already own said fonts. Like David says, “You do not have to use the font itself. Right? In fact, I think it is much better if you do not.”

    Posted by Yves Peters on Feb. 15, 2013
  12. Are there more entries to come or did I miss the deadline with my two submissions?

    Posted by Zita Major on Feb. 15, 2013
  13. Weird, I only found your last two entries now. I will add them to the gallery ASAP.

    Posted by Yves Peters on Feb. 15, 2013

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