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Fonts in Use | Yves Peters | February 8, 2009

To avoid clogging up the original post I decided to have a separate dedicated gallery with all the submissions. I will gradually add new entries as they come in, so come back often. Feel free to comment on the love declarations, but please remember to remain courteous at all times.

February 6th

1 | Sven Lubenau (Berlin, Germany) loves FF Clan

2 | Wynne Hunkler (Keller, TX, USA) loves FF Hands

February 7th

To the woman I love, Tisa,
I have aspired to feel your warm skin with my hands, and caress your soft curves. As you stand on a platform, higher than I am, I know that I could never reach you.
I have met other women, not quite Georgious as you are, in my attempt to forget you. Those have been wonderful Times, I admit, full of bliss and forgetfulness of you, as I believed I have drank from the river Lethe. They were Celesteal, but they were too refined, too perfect for my taste. They became boring, and I grew distant from them.
I have a restless heart, my dear. (Oh, how I wish I could call you ‘my dear’ face to face!) From ennui, I remembered you, and a desire was re-revealed to me; and in its new form, it was stronger. In my mind was your image, Blurred by time, but you were there, I imagined, Tising me with your hair, whose one side was quite longer than the other.
I have sketches of you, which I worked on under the lamplight, in my room, alone, to remind me of your simple and imperfect beauty, and of your subtle flaws that dance in harmony with the soft, shadowed light of the lamp.
I have all these, along with my desire for you. But the truth is, I have you not.
If my desire proclaimed herein would not move you, if you find my love for you based on wanton want, then consider this my farewell to you, a woman I have never known. Else, head to the park at the afternoon, when the sun is about to set, and I will be there, waiting, with a bouquet of flowers for you.
An admirer,

3 | Josef Go-Oco (Quezon City, Philippines) loves FF Tisa

4 | Michelle Cormack (Vancouver, BC, Canada) loves FF Absara

February 8th

5 | Noah Burney (Chicago, IL, USA) loves FF Speak

6 | Arno Kathollnig (Obervellach, Austria) loves Monitor

7 | Wynne Hunkler (Keller, TX, USA) still loves FF Hands

8 | Alex Bischoff (Dallas, TX, USA) loves FF Tisa

February 9th

9 | Carolyn Colonna (Charlotte, NC, USA) loves FF Hydra Text

10 | Arno Kathollnig (Obervellach, Austria) loves FF Scala

February 10th

11 | Craig Eliason (Saint Paul, MN, USA) loves FF Tisa

12 | <Dmitri Yarynych (Kyiv, Ukraine) loves FF Maiola

13 | Dmitri Yarynych (Kyiv, Ukraine) still loves FF Maiola

14 | William Boletta (Tokyo, Japan) loves FF Amoeba (designed with FF Oneleigh)

15 | William Boletta (Tokyo, Japan) also loves FF Strada (designed with FF Oneleigh)

16 | Arno Kathollnig (Obervellach, Austria) still loves FF Scala

17 | Giacomo Cesana (Carate Brianza, MI, Italy) loves FF Mister K

18 | John-Paul Knox (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) loves FF Unit

19 | Krishna Iyer (Thane East, India) loves FF Good

20 | John-Paul Knox (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) loves FF Quadraat

21 | Jürgen Sanides (Lahti, Finland) loves Amalia

My dear Seria Pro:
I had to write. I was never big on the whole “a picture is worth a thousand words” thing, and I think it’s fair to say that no picture is worth even half of what I’m about to tell you.
I’ve had my flings… sure, I’ve had passing crushes in my time, little affairs. Look, you know me. You know everything about me and about them; we talked about them all. You’re most likely the one who knows me best.
I’m only human. I’m weak. I know I am. I try hard not to be, but it always seems like there’s nothing I can do…
But the truth is: I love you. I really do. Oh, this is such cliché… but I feel like there’s no other name for what I feel for you, and still, all the words in all the languages cannot begin to describe it. All these years… all these other variably passionate and intense – though less varyingly superficial as they were – relationships… ever since I met you… you were always on the back of my mind. You were always the standard to which I put all the others up against… and they all but failed to even come within viewing range.
I am weak, that’s for sure. I am weak and I am blind, for I’ve lived all these years knowing this, but not really considering and understanding it. It’s taken me a lot of time, but now… now I know! I do! Now I know why I was never able to feel the tiniest bit of happiness! Of sheer, pure, innocent, unassuming and unabashed bliss! Now I know why even with all the caring and tenderness and – I’ll be honest (even though it’ll probably kill whatever chances I have left with you – if any –, but honesty is all that’s left for me) – raw sexual prowess that was bestowed upon me by several others since I know you (even though it was all probably completely misplaced on me and undeserved on my behalf), I never felt anything even remotely close to what I feel when I simply take a gander at you. And to think, all of this time, I never realized this! All the great moments I shared with others, all the great and wonderful things that, while undeserved, were given to me by this incredibly mysterious universe, I compared with what I feel when I merely sense your presence, and it all was completely insignificant.
I learned a lot along the way, don’t get me wrong, and I probably regret nothing… from Din I learned that you can be practical while still being elegant and quiet; from Quadraat I learned that being different is not a mistake, but probably a gift, nay, an obligation; from Fairfield, Electra, Californian, Deepdene, Poliphilus and Manuscript (that was some night…) I’ve learned over and over again that, sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish between our quirks and ourselves, and that we should be proud of them as of us, that it’s okay to be strange and freaky and inconsistent; from Auto I learned that you don’t need to be extravagant to be absolutely beautiful; from Mommie (that beautiful oddball) I learned quite the opposite (which is also true), and also that what allows us to value the good things are these moments when we can compare the thick and the thin, side by side, and that this is a wonderful gift; from Requiem I learned that life can still be great while conforming to common standards; with Columbus I learned that there’s classical beauty and elegance to be found also in the stoutish (physically and spiritually, if that makes any sense at all, to you); with Centaur I learned that there’s no such thing as “old”; with Legacy I learned that there’s no such thing as “new”; with Futura I learned that there may be; …
I could go on and on… and on. I’ve had many friends, lovers and acquaintances of all colours and backgrounds. But for all that I got and for all that I’ve learned, lived and seen, it’s all still nothing when compared to the sight, the touch, the voice, the character and the spirit of you.
These supermodels are gorgeous, but they mean nothing to me. These Rialtos and Poeticas and Trinités and even Requiems. Those common Helveticas and Comics Sans are good, wholesome company for a while, but they have no substance. Sure, Cronos is quite warm and charming, but there’s no brave heart there. There’s something wonderful in all of them, that’s for sure; there’s something wonderful in every one of us… but they’re still not you. And none of them – nor even any combination of even all of them – will ever complete me like I know you can.
I’m so sorry for taking so long to realize this… but I know, I just know that there may still be hope for me… for us… and it’s quite a coincidence that I’ve come to understand all this in this particular day, the fourteenth of February… so… will you make this Valentine’s Day this poor sap’s most incredible and unforgettable day ever in his amazingly lucky yet still unfulfilled life? You know I’m not perfect… and neither are you (although you’ve had me fooled for quite some time, now)… and I have nothing to offer… but I love you deeply, more than anything else in this universe, and I know that I make you happy… that’s got to mean something. Will you try this with me…?
P. S.: You told me you don’t even like Mister K (by the way, his braces seem a bit out of place, don’t they?), and he’s told me that he doesn’t feel much for you either, that your relationship is hanging by a hair – yet another one of my most unbelievable strokes of luck –, so forget him. Dump him and come make the world a more beautiful place with me…

22 | Ruben David Marques (Leiria, Portugal) loves FF Seria

February 12th

23 | John-Paul Knox (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) still loves FF Quadraat

24 | Ruben David Marques (Leiria, Portugal) loves FF Mister K

25 | Jürgen Sanides (Lahti, Finland) still loves Amalia

26 | Andrew Boardman (Winnipeg, MB, Canada ) loves FF Meta Serif

February 13th

27 | Kyle Tieman-Strauss (New York, NY, USA) loves FF Jackie

28 | Kyle Tieman-Strauss still loves FF Jackie

You appear wide-eyed, but I know you’re not;
They say you’re broken, but you seem to work;
You are not robust, you stand your ground;
I’d appreciate your sticking around
Or they’ll all say that I’m a dork.
I know I look good when I’m with you,
But that’s just not what it’s all about;
This is about a love so strong
With full resistance to tracking long
And spaces filled with loving grout.
In lonely nights when I can’t dream
Of a life of sinning with you, my dear,
I’ll be sincere, I “squoosh” Arial,
I pretend I’m stroking Chaparral,
But I still have faith that you’ll be here.
With your wide g you’ll make me flush,
It’s just the way your shapes are lush
That, while “robust”, are oh!, so fine
When, like Cash, you “walk the line”.
Your “italic” s ain’t ghetto booty;
It’s gettin’ fruity, exquisite diamond beauty;
You might be broken, but I’m just swept,
Just one look and I just wept.
There’s just no point in faking this,
I like your at, you’re quite a bliss;
Your tilde sharp, with strength your own…
Come, I’m sure to make you moan.

29 | Ruben David Marques (Leiria, Portugal) loves FF Quadraat

30 | Jesse Anderson (Kingston, Ontario, Canada) loves FF DIN

31 | Chris Carpenter (Clane, Ireland) loves FF Meta

32 | Krishna Iyer (Thane East, India) still loves FF Good

33 | Krishna Iyer (Thane East, India) still loves FF Good

34 | William Boletta (Tokyo, Japan) still loves FF Alega

Sure, Versa has its charms
And okay, its Sans is nifty.
But if what you want
is expressed *love* for a font?
Look, I’m just trying to get this thread to reach fifty.

35 | Craig Eliason (Saint Paul, MN, USA) loves Versa

36 | Matthew Dickin (Herts, UK) loves FF Mister K

37 | Jürgen Sanides (Lahti, Finland) loves Amalia

38 | Leena Pohjansalo (Lahti, Finland) loves FF Clan

39 | Nina Stoessinger (Basel, Switzerland) loves FF Mister K

40 | Philipp Antoni (Schrems, Austria) loves FF Meta Serif

February 14th

41 | Nina Stoessinger (Basel, Switzerland) loves FF Legato

42 | Leena Pohjansalo (Lahti, Finland) loves FF Bau

43 | Johanna Dietrich (Braunschweig, Germany) loves Parry

A graphic designer from Ghent
Loved Hydra to such an extent
That he’d try any ruse
To get hold of his muse
But he wasn’t allowed to contend.
Bummer… :/

44 | Yves Peters (Ghent, Belgium) loves FF Hydra

I may not have the capacity to make enchanting Versas, nor do I have the skill to sing like a nightingale; but with my desire, may you be charmed.
Will you be my Valentype?

45 | Josef Go-Oco (Quezon City, Philippines)

Oh, Chambers, let me free you from your dungeon, and let us be fertile and have text all night long!

46 | Josef Go-Oco (Quezon City, Philippines) loves FF Chambers

47 | Pauline Nunez (Paris, France) loves FF Balance

48 | Pauline Nunez (Paris, France) still loves FF Balance

49 | Nina Stoessinger (Basel, Switzerland) loves FF Legato

You set your own standard without pride.
You are idea, not style.
You will be new – always.
You are beautiful beyond vision.
I’d love to be tied together with you, Legato – forever.

50 | Jan Erdmann (Frankfurt, Germany) loves FF Legato

February 15th

She doesn’t LOVE you, that’s for sure;
But still, she’s all alone.
She studies architecture and
She has no student loan.
But her work is close to fontless
Because she can’t afford
To spend the little money
That her boss can afford.
I think you two will hit it off
To such a huge extent
That I promise that designer
That seems to be from Ghent;
If he accepts this Valentype
In someone else’s name
I’ll arrange for you and her to meet
And together you shall reach fame.
I showed her what you look like,
She said she’d give it a shot;
So won’t you be her Valentine
And forget the “loves me not”?

51 | Clara Isabel Fernandes Pereira (Lisboa, Portugal) loves FF Scala Sans

52 | Henri Liriani (Myrtle Beach, SC, USA) loves FF Netto

53 | Daryl Prondoso (Sydney, Australia) loves FF Meta Serif

54 | Michael J. Young (Toronto, Canada) loves FF Absara

55 | David Ross (Massachusetts, USA) loves FF Zapata

56 | Luke Wilhelmi (Sandy, OR, USA) loves FF Tisa

57 | Luke Wilhelmi (Sandy, OR, USA) still loves FF Tisa

58 | Luke Wilhelmi (Sandy, OR, USA) still loves FF Tisa

Header image: Women of Color by Jane · Typeface: FF Chambers

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  1. A note on the text of my Valentype Card:

    U NU!
    You Now!

    This is the complete text of the poem in Dutch with an English translation. It is reported to be the world’s shortest poem and is by the celebrated Dutch writer Joost van den Vondel (1587-1679). While not so well known today outside literary circles, he was an influential writer in his time. He influenced Milton’s Paradise Lost as well as other writings.

    Amsterdam’s largest park, Vondelpark, is named after him.

    Posted by William Boletta on Feb. 11, 2009
  2. I was under the impression that the world’s shortest poem was called “The antiquity of microbes”, by someone I can’t remember and don’t feel like googling. It went like this: “Adam had’em.” But I guess that one beats it! :P

    Posted by Ruben David Marques on Feb. 11, 2009
  3. Your mention of “Adam had’em” reminds me of the goosebump moment with Norman Mailer in When We Were Kings, when he recounts how Muhammad Ali made an even shorter poem: “Me whee!”

    Talking about the world’s shortest poem — your love declaration for FF Seria sure isn’t! 1,000 words! :D

    Posted by Yves Peters on Feb. 11, 2009
  4. Well, it’s a deep, profound love and admiration. We have a history. We go way back… ;P Also, it’s the equivalent of a picture.
    I just thought I’d write a sincere love letter… get it all out in the open. :P I know most people will be turned off by so much text on a screen, but this isn’t about them: it’s about Seria and I. Oh, and thanks for linking the names to the faces. ;D

    Posted by Ruben David Marques on Feb. 11, 2009
  5. Hey, it’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it. And I read it all, every one of the 1,000 words (although I didn’t go as far to count them to check). After all I am one of the people who’ll have to decide who gets the fonts.

    Posted by Yves Peters on Feb. 11, 2009
  6. I love John-Paul Knox’s message written in Unit’s blood. I especially like the dot on the letter i. This card surely gets the “most original idea” prize. Is that the designer’s hand? Nice vascularity! And oh so necessary for that sanguinity, huh?

    Posted by William Boletta on Feb. 12, 2009
  7. Yep, that’s my hand alright. I only hope that FF Unit appreciates its vascularity as much as you :)

    Posted by JP Knox on Feb. 12, 2009
  8. We need fifty but we still only have twenty three (that I’m aware of)… hey you, reading this: join in! You can do it three times!
    Working on my third one as I type. :P And I think Craig’s number eleven there is pretty funny. Like the italian man who went to Malta… “I wanna two piece ona tha table!” Ha! xD

    Posted by Ruben David Marques on Feb. 12, 2009
  9. I really don’t get it — last year we had sixty entries in less than 48 hours. :/

    Posted by Yves Peters on Feb. 13, 2009
  10. It’s a ptty. I suppose last year the »typophile« posts attracted more attention. This year it isn’t even mentioned—except on twitter. I found a post in »« as well as in a few blogs. – That’s all.
    Nevertheless, let us be optimistic, there are still 36 hours till the deadline.

    Posted by Arno Kathollnig on Feb. 13, 2009
  11. Ha! Touché, Jürgen… touché… :P I really like Amalia too. In fact, it was going to be one of my choices for entering this, but Quadraat won. Still, you’re quite right; those braces do look great when used that way!

    Yves, I think I was totally lucky to have found this on some random post on Typophile; I just tried to post it more visibly (hopefully), let’s see if I can still get some more people to participate.

    Posted by Ruben David Marques on Feb. 13, 2009
  12. Nice work on number 23, John!
    And I just noticed that Arno loves Scala! Quite a couple! ;P

    Posted by Ruben David Marques on Feb. 13, 2009
  13. Ruben, thanks for posting this up on Typophile. I’m quite surprised there aren’t more of them showing up to profess their love. Nice poems, btw!

    Posted by JP Knox on Feb. 13, 2009
  14. I did my bit — six more to go. ;)

    Yeah, I know it’s the same as last year. Sue me! :P

    Posted by Yves Peters on Feb. 14, 2009
  15. One and a half hour for one last submission. ;)

    Posted by Yves Peters on Feb. 14, 2009
  16. 49! No horror movie could be more thrilling. ;-)

    I wonder what happened to all the Typophiles… Maybe they’ve all found their loves, & aren’t looking for new ones? :-/

    Posted by Nina Stoessinger on Feb. 14, 2009
  17. At 14 February 2009 23:10:05 GMT Jan Erdmann saved the day with a passionate love declaration to FF Legato. ;)

    Posted by Yves Peters on Feb. 14, 2009
  18. Yay fifty! The suspense was killing me too, Nina… :P Thank you, Jan. :)

    Posted by Ruben David Marques on Feb. 14, 2009
  19. Phew!

    Posted by JP Knox on Feb. 14, 2009
  20. Enough of this Meta, I’m going to Beta.

    Posted by erik spiekermann on Feb. 17, 2009
  21. so who won?

    Posted by Simon Robertson on Feb. 17, 2009
  22. Yves said we’d find out sometime this week.

    Posted by JP Knox on Feb. 18, 2009
  23. Indeed, and I am a man of my word. After much deliberation in three different countries and two continents nine time zones apart, my morning/your last night the jury reached a verdict, and declares the winner of the 2009 Valentype contest, in the category FontFont…

    (insert drum roll)

    31 | Chris Carpenter (Clane, Ireland) who loves FF Meta

    Chris was the one entry that every member of the jury – FontShop Germany chief marketing officer Jürgen Siebert, FontShop San Francisco type director Stephen Coles, FontFont marketing director Ivo Gabrowitsch, and myself – had on their shortlist, and high up at that.

    Just like last year’s winner, Chris’ design is brilliant in its simplicity. With dry humour and wit he surprised us by turning the concept of a love declaration upside-down. He cleverly plays off the often-recurring phenomenon of exclusive corporate faces which are coveted by type lovers, and which are – just like unrequited love – even more desirable because they are unattainable. A great concept, well executed without any unnecessary frills.

    Posted by Yves Peters on Feb. 18, 2009
  24. Congratulations, Chris! I guess double thanks to the Deutsche Post are in order. :P

    Posted by Ruben David Marques on Feb. 18, 2009
  25. Nice one. Congrats Chris! (:

    Posted by Nina Stoessinger on Feb. 18, 2009
  26. The winner of the 2009 Valentype contest, in the category OurType is…

    25 | Jürgen Sanides (Lahti, Finland) who loves Amalia

    Very good use of FF Mister K and a nice play of words made Rudy Geeraerts (OurType head honcho) and me forgive the bright yellow background and somewhat ghastly cyan border (just our personal taste). Congratulations to both of you! Send us an e-mail with the exact weights you desire.

    Posted by Yves Peters on Feb. 18, 2009
  27. Very nice, congrats to Chris & Jürgen!

    Posted by Luke on Feb. 18, 2009
  28. What a shock! Is this beautiful Amalia really coming up here … How much time does K have to get the soot off the walls before she arrives ??

    Posted by Jürgen on Feb. 18, 2009
  29. congrats both of you!

    Posted by Simon Robertson on Feb. 19, 2009

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