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News | Yves Peters | May 22, 2010

Day three of TYPO Berlin has kicked off with an interesting and entertaining presentation in which Jonathan Barnbrook – socially and politically conscious graphic and type designer, typographer, and all around great chap – explains both the philosophical concepts and design rationale behind his typefaces. If you already want a taster of the conference, check the #typo10 hashtag in Twitter, and see the first photos being added to the TYPO Berlin 2010 Flickr Pool.

Things I have learned at TYPO Berlin so far (sorry mister Sagmeister):

  • It can be very hard sometimes to make up your mind about what presentations to attend, and you always end up regretting missing something.
  • The organisers, technical crew and assistants, and moderators are so very friendly and efficient.
  • The TYPO translators are incredibly good.
  • Erik Spiekermann and I have at least two things in common – we both love marzipan and had a lot more hair 25 years ago.
  • Alessio Leonardi is pretty insane and unpredictable, but always in a very good way.
  • I shouldn’t attend presentations on topics I already know about, good as they may be.
  • After all it’s not bad to be scheduled against coffee break (inside joke with Ivo Gabrowitsch), especially when you do a strong presentation on the very hot topic of webfonts.
  • Rich Roat sure can cram a lot of information in a little over an hour.
  • I knew it would be bad to be scheduled against Carlos Segura.
  • It can get frustrating when you show images too fast.
  • A bug in the software can have equally impressive and disastrous consequences for a kinetic sculpture.
  • One shouldn’t sacrifice a lecture if one of the two lunchtime lectures only lasts half an hour.
  • If Martin Majoor and Sébastien Morlighem are presenting, buy their book and have it autographed on the spot.
  • Niels “Shoe” Meulman can do monumental graffiti wearing a two-piece suit.
  • About twenty people in the TYPO Hall audience call someone who isn’t their biological father “dad”.
  • I still don’t like certain types of anti-aesthetic design.
  • You are bound to be severely disappointed by your graphic design idols.
  • Somehow you can manage to have a Q&A session when your aimless presentation can be summed up in two platitudes: “Do your work with passion.” and “I surf and have a fit girlfriend with great boobs.”
  • Advertising with dog poo is a good idea after all.
  • Eike König is like a diesel – he needs a little time to get up to speed, but once he does, oh boy, it’s fireworks.

Header image: Booooooo! by Jens Tenhaeff

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