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News | Yves Peters | April 21, 2009

Fancy a unique, immersive and growing experience in type education this summer? Then Type Camp may be something for you. This typographic boot camp runs from August 9th to 14th on beautiful Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada. Type Camp is for learning, for exploring, and for inspiring. It is also a chance to experience new cultures, new people, and new practices. As Dr. Shelley Gruendler explains,

Type Camp is just one response to a greater need for the reform of typographic education. Graphic design programs must rethink the integration of all aspects of the typographic profession into their curricula.

Type Camp Galiano in August 2009 will focus on refining your graphic design and typographic work in order to increase readability, legibility, and expand your typographic style. You will learn professional tips and typographic secrets from experts in the field. This edition Dr. Shelley Gruendler is joined by guest instructors Stephen Coles and Tiffany Wardle. The FontFeed’s very own Stephen is editor of Typographica and Type Director at FontShop where he writes about their collection and advises clients on typeface choices. Tiffany is the famous “Typegirl” of Typophile fame with encyclopaedic typographic knowledge. Both have uncanny type identification abilities and are eager to pass along their knowledge to all Type Campers.

Marian Bantjes hands out constructive criticism like candy on Halloween at Type Camp Galiano 2007  © Ryan Kearns
Type Camp Galiano 2009 will take place in Driftwood Village, in the south end of the island. Accommodations are large cabins for only two people, and each person gets their own bedroom. Wonderful chef and famous author Linda L. Richards will make sure you’ll be well-fed with local, organic, and super yummy food. If you’re interested in attending don’t procrastinate, as there are only 14 spaces available.

Find more information and register online on the Type Camp website.

Future Type Camps

Type Camp India in December 2009 will take place in Chennai on the South Eastern coast of India. The workshops will incorporate local publishing houses, book binders, paper makers, silk-screen printers, sign painters, Tamil calligraphy artists, and type walks in local markets. It will be a time to create and produce typographic projects to inspire or recharge your creativity.

Other scheduled future Type Camps are London in spring 2010 and Bauhaus in July 2011

To give you a taster, below is a photographic impression of Type Camp Galiano the past two years. All pictures are taken from the Type Camp Flickr Pool.

Type Camp Galiano 2008  © Tiffany Wardle

Type Camp Galiano 2007  © Ryan Kearns

Type Camp Galiano 2008  © Tiffany Wardle

Type Camp Galiano 2007  © Alex Fuller

Type Camp Galiano 2008  © Thomas Levine

Type Camp Galiano 2008  © Ngoc Ngo

Type Camp Galiano 2008  © Ngoc Ngo

Type Camp Galiano 2008  © Dyana Weissman

Type Camp Galiano 2007  © Nick Sherman
Header image: Type Camp Galiano 2008  © Dyana Weissman

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  1. Please consider a type camp in Hong Kong or Australia. This U.S. citizen would sign up.

    Posted by R Thomas Berner on Apr. 21, 2009
  2. Where do I get more info about this TypeCamp?

    Posted by Lara on Jul. 25, 2009
  3. Click the first link in the text; the one that mentions Type Camp.

    Posted by Yves Peters on Jul. 26, 2009
  4. Thanks!

    Posted by Lara on Jul. 28, 2009

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