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News, Uncategorized | Stephen Coles | August 15, 2007


Font 005 Web ExtraThe latest issue of Font magazine is hot off the press, and it’s free. Check your FontShop subscription settings to make sure you are subscribed.

In Font 006, we visit design from South Africa, Sarajevo, São Paulo, Iran, and Havana. You can take the journey to the web, too. Here is a detailed table of contents, sprinkled with links and font info, so you can follow along digitally while you read the magazine.

Font 006 cover


Designed by Conor Mangat with the following images: International flight density (diagrammed in 1968), ƒstop 048.015 by Yujiro Tada, and ƒstop 414.016 by Patrick Strattner


Font 006 Table of Contents

Pg 3: Table of Contents

Titles set in FF Clan™ (used for titles and stats throughout)
Editor’s note set in FF Celeste®
Table of contents set in FF Oxide


Font 006: 26 Letters South Africa

Pg 5: South Africa

The 26 Letters project
Set in FF Soul™ and FF Letter Gothic® Text


Font 006: Featured Distractions

Pg 9: Featured Distractions

Graphis™, Roman Script™, Bulldog™, Strayhorn™, Gagarin™, Blizzard™, Silica™, Dublon™, Karolla™, Mundo Sans™, FF Berlinsans™, Tazzer Text™, Register™, Arepo™, FF Elementa™, Balega™, Goldenbook™, Soda Script™, Stancia


Font 006: Neue Fonts

Pg 10: Neue Fonts

Radiogram™, Bureau Grot™, Mentor™ and Mentor Sans™, Pabst Oldstyle™, Relato


Font 006: Neue Fonts

Pg 13: Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Some Other CityAleksandra Nina Knežević
Set in FF Eureka Mono and FF Good Pro


Font 006: ARS Type

Pg 16: Foundry Spotlight

ARS Type of Amsterdam


Font 006: PSY/OPS

Pg 18: Foundry Spotlight

PSY/OPS of San Francisco


Font 006: São Paulo, Brazil

Pg 20: São Paulo, Brazil

Photographs of Tony de Marco
Set in FF Oxide™ and FF Sari
More coverage: New York Times, On the Media (audio)


Font 006: Iran and Reza Abedini

Pg 24: Iran

Reza Abedini
Set in FF Cellini


Font 006: New FontFonts

Pg 29: The New FontFonts

FontFont Releases 39 and 40


Font 006: Cuba

Pg 33: Cuba

Set in FF Cellini
More: Icograda Design Week in Havana, The Seattle Havana Poster Show


Font 006: Présence Typo

Pg 36: Foundry Spotlight

Présence Typo of the French Alps


Font 006: Red Rooster

Pg 38: Foundry Spotlight

Red Rooster Collection of Pennsylvania


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