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News | Yves Peters | May 22, 2011

Now that we’re gradually recovering from a wild TYPO Night it starts to sink in that TYPO Berlin 2011 “Shift” is truly over. Judging from the many commentaries (and my own experience) it qualifies as an excellent edition. I was particularly impressed with the finale, a perfect hat trick by Petr van Blokland’s wake-up call Designer update: what’s next?, Thomas Lupo heart-warming and inspirational Instructions for breaking free, and Christoph Niemann’s hilarious yet insightful Life is what you make it – even if you’re a graphic designer. This was an example of flawless programming for which I have to commend the organisation. People who want to get a taste of the TYPO Berlin experience the customary “Impressions” video below was posted even before the conference officially ended. Also from FontShopTV are podcasts with Oliver Reichenstein, Donald Beekman & Donald Roos, Tim Fendley, and Michael Johnson. Enjoy!

Oliver Reichenstein (German)
Oliver Reichenstein discusses his interpretation of the theme of the conference “Shift”, and why we need to hack codes.

Donald Beekman & Donald Roos (English)
Donald & Donald discuss their interpretation of the theme of the conference “Shift”, how the enjoyment of any job relates to how much money it makes, and what the future brings.

Tim Fendley (English)
Tim Fendley discusses his interpretation of the theme of the conference “Shift”, maps and apps, and what the future holds with regards to human or digital interaction.

Michael Johnson (English)
Michael Johnson discusses his interpretation of the theme of the conference “Shift”, linguistic mash-ups, and the shift in the activities of JohnsonBanks.

Header image: TYPO Hall filling up. Photo by TYPOworkspace

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  1. All very nice, but until I can subscribe to these videos in iTunes and watch them on my iPhone on the subway they might as well not exist. I’m certainly not going to sit staring at the computer for hours.

    Posted by Joe Clark on May. 23, 2011
  2. Well, these videos are all four to not-even-six minutes long. That hardly qualifies as “sit staring at the computer for hours”, does it? ; )

    Posted by Yves Peters on May. 23, 2011

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