PvP Goes Typo-Crazy

    Oops! | Yves Peters | May 12, 2009

    I suspected it might happen one day, but it still took me by surprise. Until recently PvP was the only webcomic I religiously follow – now that I discovered the wondrous Abominable Charles Christopher there are two. It is a funny, warm, and occasionally hilarious look at the everyday going-ons at the editorial office of a gaming magazine. Over the years the humour has evolved beyond video gaming and the related “nerd culture” including comics and RPGs, and nowadays includes relationship humour, tech jokes, a satirical look at the generation gap, and spoofing popular culture. Yesterday it featured what I believe is the first typography-related strip in its more than ten years of publishing. Creator Scott R. Kurtz explains:

    This strip was inspired by the font snob in my life.
    I won’t say who it is, exactly, but I will say he can identify fonts off a Starbucks chalkboard and his name rhymes with Histofer Blaub.

    It is nice to see type identifiers are making it into pop culture. But “Identify fonts off a Starbucks chalkboard”? I am so not going to comment on that. ;)

    Read more about PVP on Wikipedia.

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