Jean Jacques Peters 1941–2012

    Uncategorized | Yves Peters | January 23, 2012

    After battling a very aggressive cancer for over a year, yesterday evening my father chose to not let his illness have the last word. I feel very fortunate that we live in a civilized, humane country, where a person at the end of his life can decide to leave with dignity, without any more needless suffering.

    Somewhat related – I would like to apologise to the people coming to tonight’s BNO Romeo Delta evening CUT! in Rotterdam for not showing up. The organisation is looking into rescheduling my presentation at a later date, most probably the next IMG LAB evening on February 20th.



    1. My thoughts are with you Yves and your family.

      Posted by André Simard on Jan. 23, 2012
    2. Veel sterkte, Yves

      Posted by Joren Peters on Jan. 23, 2012
    3. Don’t think of the loss, think about all the good times you had with your father. All the best to you and your family, Yves. My thoughts are with you.

      Posted by Rainer on Jan. 23, 2012
    4. I’m very sorry for your loss. Now it’s time to be strong, Yves.

      Posted by Gerhard on Jan. 24, 2012
    5. I’m so sorry for your loss, Yves. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

      Posted by Joel Vilas Boas on Jan. 24, 2012
    6. So sorry for your loss, Catherine

      Posted by Catherine on Jan. 24, 2012
    7. Yves, as usual I came here just to check what’s new and I read this… I have no words to express my feelings. All the best for you and your family, I’m deeply sorry for your loss.

      Posted by Dino dos Santos on Jan. 24, 2012
    8. Yves, my thoughts are with you. I lost my precious dad to cancer, a heartbreaking time. But I think of him every day, he is still part of my life and who I am today. Take care.

      Posted by Sharon on Jan. 24, 2012
    9. Much love to you and your family Yves. Your Father has an amazing spark of spirit in that photo. Thank you for sharing.

      Posted by Lita Mikrut on Jan. 27, 2012
    10. I’m glad to hear he is no longer in pain, but I am sorry to hear he is gone. I’m sure he will have a remarkably beautiful gravestone.

      Posted by Conor O'Toole on Jan. 28, 2012

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