Graphic Design – The Forgotten Web Standard Slides In 3 Minutes

    Uncategorized | Yves Peters | June 25, 2009

    This video is two months old, but nevertheless still is a fascinating watch. Mike Kus is currently the designer at Carsonified, a small and friendly creative team based in the historic town of Bath, England. More of his design work can be seen on his personal website The Things We Make. He comes from a print background as graphic designer at the Body Shop, but decided to expand his skill set a couple of years ago and shifted towards web design.

    As part of his talk at FOWD London 2009, the Future Of Web Design seminar, he screened the short film below. It is a considerably sped up capture of Mike designing his slides for his presentation. The reason for including this short video was that Mike wanted to reveal the process he went through whilst designing them. What’s interesting is that it also features quite a few slides that never made it to the final selection. And indeed, apart from the occasional sketch we rarely get to see how graphic designers achieve the end result. This video is both instructing and inspiring.

    Graphic Design: The Forgotten Web Standard – Slides in 3 Minutes from Carsonified on Vimeo.

    The soundtrack to the short movie is Með suð í eyrum by Sigur Rós from their latest album Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust.

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    1. i hadn’t seen that before, really nice. thanks for sharing yves (and mike).

      Posted by Simon Robertson on Jun. 25, 2009
    2. It’s great to see what gets rejected.

      Posted by John Skelton on Jun. 25, 2009
    3. impressive

      Posted by Arjen van Voorst on Jun. 25, 2009
    4. Fascinating video, great insight.

      … Now someone get this guy a new wallpaper.

      Posted by Jeff on Jun. 25, 2009
    5. Thank you for sharing your Valuable information.

      Great tutorial

      Posted by smith on Jun. 27, 2009
    6. I am very thankful to you for provide me this valuable info.

      Posted by Alisa Rogers on Jul. 3, 2009
    7. This is fantastic! Graphic designers should do this more often.

      Posted by matt on Jul. 4, 2009
    8. Great design, style, and tone throughout. I really loved the ideas that he came up with and the layout in the end for his slide presentation was also really cool to see. This was a real pleasure to watch–thanks for posting and sharing!

      Posted by carly marcoux on Jul. 8, 2009
    9. Excellent! Great to see the decision-making part!

      Posted by Bart De Vuyst on Jul. 9, 2009
    10. very nice indeed. so many powerful typographic ideas !!!!

      Posted by KREMENA RASHKOVA on Jul. 9, 2009
    11. That was brilliant, thanks very much for sharing! I love seeing other peoples way of processing/designing images!!

      Posted by Kyle Tunney on Jul. 9, 2009
    12. luv the spotify popups :D

      Posted by on Jul. 24, 2009
    13. Cool typographic ideas! Keep up the good work!

      Posted by NuBuiten on Jul. 5, 2012

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