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News | Yves Peters | August 23, 2010

I know I still owe you July’s ScreenFonts – please bear with me a little longer, it’s in the works. I have been busy helping out with FontFont‘s current anniversary promotion, writing up posts for FontShop Blog. To celebrate 20 years, FontFont is offering 20% off a selection of twenty FontFonts for twenty days.

The introductory post on FontShop Blog reads:

The FontFont Library is the world’s largest collection of contemporary typefaces, featuring fonts by innovative designers like Erik Spiekermann, Neville Brody, and many more. Since 1990, creative minds like you have relied on FontFonts to do great work.
We’ve selected 20 FontFont Families — a mix of perennial bestsellers, staff favorites, and hidden gems — from the nearly 4,000 fonts in the FontFont Collection. Now is the time to invest in a versatile and proven type family that will serve you for many projects to come.

Every day, FontShop Blog highlights each 20 Year Anniversary FontFont Selection by sharing additional product information, including comments from the designer. I must say I was quite impressed with the selection when I first saw the list. For example yesterday I published a post on Evert Bloemsma‘s remarkable – and remarkably successful – type design experiment FF Cocon, and up now is a focus on Martin Majoor‘s FF Nexus type system, based on his “three typefaces, one form principle”.

What’s great is that all twenty type families are discounted for the full duration of the twenty day promo period; it’s not just one a day. Furthermore it really is the full families that are discounted – any FontFont format, product, or collection within these families is valid for the discount. A special badge identifies the 20th Anniversary Fonts. For example the FF Unit promotion not only applies to the regular FF Unit, but also to the Rounded and Slab variants. This means you can save up to $435 if you purchase the complete type system. Check the list, and make sure not to forget to use the celebrate20yrs promocode to get 20% off! You have until next Monday, August 30th.

New Designs

FF Unit
  • FF Meta’s grown-up, no-nonsense sister
  • Sans and slab, 14 styles each; plus 6 rounded styles
FF Nexus
  • Three families derived from single design concept
  • Serif, slab, sans, mono, 4 styles each
FF Cocon
  • Friendly and playful, yet highly legible
  • 18 styles — 3 widths, 6 styles each
FF Daxline
  • Refined version of FF Dax, the first “spurless” sans
  • 14 styles, Pro includes Greek & Cyrillic
FF Netto
  • Ultra modern, no historical frills
  • 3 weights, plus useful set of icons
FF Clifford
  • Rugged and readable for books and other long text
  • Regular and italic in 3 size-
    specific versions
FF Amman
  • First FontFont with Latin and Arabic created together
  • 14 sans styles, 8 serif styles
FF Mister K
  • Based on Franz Kafka’s eccentric handwriting
  • 2 styles, “Crossout” font, 500+ images in Dingbats
FF Oneleigh
  • A radical alternative view of the “oldstyle ” serif
  • 6 styles with CE support in Pro
FF Celeste
  • Humanistic “Modern” face, designed for reading
  • 10 serif styles, 8 sans styles, 4 Small Text styles
FF Disturbance
  • A unicase concept using best of lettershapes
  • 3 styles, 8 unique ligatures
FF Dingbats 2.0
  • Extended and updated with a contemporary style
  • 967 symbols, icons, pictograms in 12 fonts
FF Milo
  • Compact, resilient, readable workhorse
  • Sans/serif companions – 18 sans styles, 12 serif styles
FF Trixie
  • World’s first and most realistic typewriter font
  • 2 weights, 3 grades for different resolutions
FF Quadraat
  • Combines classical elegance with modern ideas
  • Serif, sans, cond, 4 styles each; plus 8 headline styles
FF Clan
  • Contemporary, compact sans with huge range
  • 6 widths, 14 weights each, largest FontFont family
FF Instant Types
  • Imperfect, corroded letters from the world around us
  • 5 typefaces with Latin & Greek support
FF Fago
  • Corporate face, made from corp. design experience
  • 3 widths, 10 styles each; plus Office and Mono
FF Blur
  • An icon of the grunge era
  • 3 weights
FF Yoga
  • Contemporary alts to Garamond and Gill Sans
  • Sans/serif companions, 4 styles each

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