First Video Impressions of TYPO Berlin 2010 “Passion”

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News | Yves Peters | May 25, 2010

While everyone is slowly recovering from the sensory overload that has been TYPO 2010 “Passion” and the closing TYPOnight – no, I didn’t throw up on the dance floor ; ) – the first reports already have popped up. Both the TYPO Berlin Blog and Slanted published almost-live reviews of selected talks, most of them in German however. If time permits I may throw in translations of relevant passages in any TYPO Berlin reviews posted on The FontFeed, so non-German speakers can also benefit from their insights. Monday morning one of my Berlin type designer friends Dan Reynolds posted the very personable After TYPO Berlin 2010 blog entry on Typeoff. Recommended reading, also because he gives a nice round-up of all things TYPO Berlin to be found online. And that same afternoon the Eye blog published Robin Richmond’s incisive At the mercy of the Twitter critics which questions what defines value at TYPO Berlin – food for thought.

The TYPO Berlin 2010 Flickr Pool is steadily growing – more than 250 images from the conference by 48 members at the time of writing, not counting the almost 100 pictures from Slanted‘s TypoBerlin 2010 Flickr Set not included in the Pool. As always those give a random but surprisingly accurate impression of the atmosphere, the energy and effervescence at the conference. This is also captured very well in the customary short film that was shown at the end of the conference.

FontShopTV · May 22, 2010 | The traditional film at the end of the TYPO conference.

TYPO Berlin 2010 Video Podcast

Already during the conference four short video interviews were published on the TYPO Berlin VideoBlog. Every year Jürgen Siebert hires Ole M. Werner to film at Typo. This year Ole decided to produce a number of podcasts, and enlisted the help of award-winning type designer Christoph Dunst to conduct the interviews. Ole filmed and edited the four pieces, alongside the closing film featured above.

FontShopTV · May 21, 2010 | Erik Spiekermann (German-language)
Erik Spiekermann explains what drives him to design new typefaces, what is the connecting thread in his work, how much time it takes to design a typeface, and if he thinks the quality of digital type has improved since the emergence of OpenType.

FontShopTV · May 21, 2010 | Petr van Blokland
Petr van Blokland explains why programming has become an integral part of his design work, if it will influence design education or other disciplines like calligraphy, his current efforts in webfonts and automated page lay-out, and his current favourite type family.

FontShopTV · May 21, 2010 | Carlos Segura
Carlos Segura explains what drives him to keep creating and designing, what he thinks about non-design and programming becoming more important than design, whether he prefers a structured or open approach to design, and if it’s possible to see if a piece of design was created with passion.

FontShopTV · May 21, 2010 | David Carson
David Carson explains what drives him to keep creating and designing, what he thinks about non-design and programming becoming more important than design, how much time he works away from the computer, and if it’s possible to see if a piece of design was created with passion.
Header image: Audience in TYPO Hall © Thorsten Wulff

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  1. I don’t know about you, but I think David’s comment on information designers is a bit of a cheap shot. I see graphic design as an incredibly wide spectrum, ranging from mind-blowing almost architectural systems to gorgeous freeform lyrical compositions, and everything in between. Every single expression is valid and worthwhile, and it takes as much passion to make an apparently mundane form as reader- and user-friendly as possible, as it takes to design a cover for a surfer magazine. I am quite disappointed by the short-sightedness of his remark.

    Posted by Yves Peters on May. 26, 2010
  2. I enjoyed all these, particularly Segura and Van Blokland. I wonder if Petr was aware of the new iPad publishing capabilities of InDesign 5.

    Posted by Stephen Coles on May. 27, 2010

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