Contemporary Handwriting Fonts

The FontShop shelves are stocked with thousands of delightful script typefaces, but it can be difficult to find those that convincingly simulate handwriting without sacrificing legibility. We culled from our collection the best handwriting typefaces in various writing styles — from print to cursive, simple to swashy. Read more about our selected favorites in this week’s newsletter.

Update: Test all these fonts, as well as antique, comic, and children’s handwriting at

Careful, Legible Print

Calliope Fonts

MVB Calliope

3 weights. See more in the FontShop Newsletter.

Providence Sans Reg Font-1

FF Providence Sans

2 weights, dingbats, and serif version. See more in the FontShop Newsletter.

ITC Zemke Font

ITC Zemke Hand

Weber Font Caps
Weber Font

ITC Weber Hand

Venture Font
Venture Font


Panoptica Script Font
Panoptica Script Font Sm

Panoptica Script

Unicase, monospaced font with alternates.

Longhand Font
Longhand Bold Font


2 weights.

P22 Kaz

P22 Kaz

Includes small caps.

Quick, Natural Scrawling

Brisa 2


Two fonts, one with connections, one without. Use either by themselves, or both together.

MVB Sacre Bleu

MVB Sacre Bleu

Plenty of ligatures to avoid letterform repetition. Note ‘ee’, ‘ll’, ‘tt’, ‘pp’, ‘oo’.

FF Justlefthand

FF Justlefthand

Part of the FF Hands package with the heavier FF Erikrighthand. Each with accompanying small caps.

FF Market Bold
FF Market Condensed Font
FF Market Regular Font

FF Market

3 weights, 1 condensed width.

Feltpen Regular Font
Feltpen Medium Font

Linotype Feltpen

2 weights.

Felt Tip Roman Font

Felt Tip Roman

3 weights. Woman and Senior variations. See more in the FontShop Newsletter.

Dizzy font


1 weight with alternates for all lowercase letters.

Notec Font

Linotype Notec

Berranger Hand font
Berranger Hand font

Berranger Hand

Iva Font


2 weights.

Sketch Font
Sketch Font

Linotype Sketch

Flood Font
Flood Font


Bradley Hand Font

ITC Bradley Hand

2 weights, 1 italic.

Filzerhand Font


FF Ropsen Font
FF Ropsen Bold Caps Font

FF Ropsen Script

2 weights, each with small caps.

Kremlin Cyrillic

Kremlin Cyrillic

Just a basic but nice character set.

Cursive and Swashed Scripts

MVB Emmascript Font

MVB Emmascript

2 weights. See more in the FontShop Newsletter.

Fineprint Font


2 weights, each with alternates, ligatures, and swashes.

Handsome Pro Font

Handsome Pro

6 styles, contextual alternates. See more in the FontShop Newsletter.

Amadeo Font


2 weights, alternates, small caps.

Make Your Own!

Convert your handwriting into a font.


Can’t find the style you need? Make a custom digital font based on your own handwriting. Send us a scan and our type design professionals will create a working font in your preferred format. The HandFont above is Ventana de Dia based on the writing of Lita Mikrut Franco.

Update: Test all these fonts, as well as antique, comic, and children’s handwriting at


  1. It is a wonderful page. I loved all your fonts.

    Posted by LIliana Tavera on Apr. 24, 2008
  2. The font samples couched in homey advice, and clever humor appealed to me much more than those that were used for recipes… Nevertheless,thanks…
    June 11,2008

    Posted by theophilus on Jul. 11, 2008
  3. Hi, Great site! Is it possible to make my own handwriting font and use it on my typepad blog? I know I can generate my handwriting font and use it on documents, but I really want to type my blog entries in my own handwriting. Thanks for any advice!

    Posted by RJ on Feb. 7, 2009
  4. Are these fonts available for use with MS Word? I need a hand-writing font for use on inkjet addressing equipment which requires MS Word for text handling.

    Posted by Patricia Jahla on Jun. 3, 2009
  5. Hi Patricia, could you please address your technical questions to moc.pohstnofnull@ofni? The support team there will be more than happy to help you. This is just a blog.

    Posted by Yves Peters on Jun. 3, 2009
  6. these fonts are wonderful.I have already purchased some of these and use them quite a bit..perhaps too much! :)
    I think I will get the FF Market one it is just such a clean handwritten font- yaaaaaaaaaay

    Posted by mersi on Jul. 9, 2009
  7. Great fonts. They are amazing. It is hard to find handwriting fonts that are actually good these days. Thank you for making these available!

    Posted by Constantine on Sep. 4, 2010
  8. Handsome Pro ought to be called “’50s Catholic School.” That’s the cursive I was taught!

    Posted by David James on Dec. 5, 2010
  9. Oh a lot of these handwritten fonts are really great! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted by Alexa on Jan. 10, 2012
  10. I actually got to know about the font feed while searching meaning for word legible. It is going to be good lesson plan for Gr 1 to 8 thanks for sharing.

    Posted by bhagwan chavan on Feb. 6, 2013

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