Graphic Design – The Forgotten Web Standard Slides In 3 Minutes

This sped up footage of Mike Kus designing his slides for his FOWD London 2009 presentation reveals the creative process behind them.

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Happy New Year

The FontFeed editors and collaborators wish you and your loved ones a terrific new year.

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OpenType FontFonts and the Languages They Speak

The OpenType format offers typographers more glyphs, and (sometimes) more confusion. As the FontFont library is converted to OpenType, premium fonts are continually released with advanced typographic features and language support built-in. With so many new releases we don’t expect you to keep up on which FontFonts can speak which languages. Just keep an eye […]

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The Font 006 Online Companion

  The latest issue of Font magazine is hot off the press, and it’s free. Check your FontShop subscription settings to make sure you are subscribed. In Font 006, we visit design from South Africa, Sarajevo, São Paulo, Iran, and Havana. You can take the journey to the web, too. Here is a detailed table […]

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Tony de Marco Reveals An Ad-less São Paulo

  In Font 006, Tony de Marco clears away the clutter to reveal São Paulo’s ban on advertising. His photographs tell the story of what remained earlier this year when Brazil’s economic capital enacted new “clean city” legislation that outlawed all forms of outdoor advertising. Here are some of de Marco’s remarkable shots that couldn’t […]

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Graff Artists Mix Styles in The Exchange

Over three decades in development, aerosol art has grown into a complex and systematic hand lettering artform. Worldwide, practitioners have developed regional commonalities leading to distinct geographical styles. While “style writers” introduce new ideas, their discoveries echo throughout the international graffiti community. Thanks to the internet, the fusion of style has become common practice among the […]

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Fred Smeijers on Legibility

Fred Smeijers, the award-winning designer of FF Quadraat and fonts for OurType, and author of “Counterpunch,” describes the trouble with “legibility” — not just in achieving it as a goal, but describing it as a concept.

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Font Interviews Style Master RIME

In graffiti, staying original is a requirement for respect amongst its practitioners. Besides the undocumented “interactions” with police, problems with rivals, and staying active; being able to constantly re-invent yourself is something most writers live for. The title of Style Master has strict criteria; nonetheless new kings always emerge with innovative concepts and techniques to […]

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The FontFeed

The FontFeed is a daily dispatch of recommended fonts, typography techniques, and inspirational examples of digital type at work in the real world. Eat up.

  • Pintanina Pro
  • Origen
  • Sagrantino™
  • Stateside
  • Zenga™
  • Center Slab
  • Pressio
  • Aromatica
  • Adevale
  • Honeydrop™
  • Troika
  • XXII Neue Norm Rounded
  • Adlery Pro
  • Electrostatic JNL
  • Proprietor
  • Ahorn
  • Chaplet
  • Lemonism
  • Everlasting
  • Honeypunch
  • Osculate

Popular Fonts

  • Isidora Sans
  • Colby
  • Brandon Grotesque
  • Proxima Nova
  • TT Knickerbockers
  • Moments
  • Balford
  • Helvetica Neue®
  • TT Norms
  • Just Lovely
  • Ernest & Emily
  • TT Mussels
  • Museo Sans™
  • Trade Gothic®
  • Avenir®
  • Univers®
  • Gilroy™
  • Good Karma
  • Timeout
  • FF DIN®
  • PhotoWall