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News | Stephen Coles | February 6, 2008

A little over a year has passed since we released the long-awaited Fourth Edition of FontBook and the praise is still pouring in. We chose a few of our favorite quotes for this week’s newsletter.

MVB PedestriaITC Caslon No. 224

Popular design blog i love typography also celebrated FontBook recently with a review and a contest to place FontBooks in the hands of famous movie characters. We were simultaneously amused and frightened. We promise this silliness was not organized or produced by FontShop … but we strongly encourage it.

FontBook Movie Ad Contest

FontBook Movie Ad Contest

FontBook Movie Ad Contest

FontBook Movie Ad Contest

Finally, a short film by i love typography editor and FontBook fan, John Boardley:


  1. Interesting. But what about that typeface on “The 32,000 commandments”…? What is it? :P

    Posted by Ruben David Marques on Feb. 16, 2009
  2. Ruben – that is from the original artwork and is most likely hand calligraphy. If you like it, check out Philip Bouwsma‘s or Arthur Baker‘s work.

    Posted by Stephen Coles on Feb. 16, 2009
  3. Thanks! Some of those sure do come close enough. But I had a feeling like I’d already seen that somewhere… but I guess there’s some similar stuff around. The artwork is great!

    But isn’t there a common similar font, also with the double storey lowercase A with the terminal separated from the rest of the glyph’s body?
    Oh, just searched it; I guess I was thinking of Allegro… :X
    But thanks. :)

    Posted by Ruben David Marques on Feb. 17, 2009

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